Independent Solutions, Inc. is a privately held Corporation that was founded with the sole purpose of developing products that are able to do two things.

Solve problems / Make sense

We at ISI do not feel bound to stay within the confines of a single industry when designing and developing the products that we believe meet this criteria of excellence. For it is our desire to meet the needs of our customers, and not an industry standard.

With this in mind we would like to introduce you to an innovative multi-line retractable wire harness device, which was designed for but not limited to the transportation industry. This device has the ability to protect the collateral investment of the trailer owners by shielding and protecting the weakest point of any trailer towing package, the wires. Those individuals that normally pull trailer or equipment will appreciate the practicality and peace of mind that this device offers.

Independent Solutions, Inc. has developed an innovative wire harness device that is perfect for the owner/operator of a trailer who is tired of repairing or replacing the truck or trailer wires due to unexpected damage. Read More

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This product eliminates the chance of wires dragging on the road and being destroyed. It is easily mounted to the trailer and extends and retracts with ease. Using this product should eliminate the need for wire harness replacements.
         Troy Karow of Faribault, MN

VERY GOOD IDEA! Eliminates wires hanging down and getting torn up.
          Gabriel Basman of Chesterfield, MI

Finally! a product to put an end to dangling trail wires. I love this product and I will mount one on all my towed products.
          Kerry Mayhew of Okanogan, WA

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